8 Fashion and Beauty Loves for Summer

Hi friends…

Please allow me to apologize for my hiatus. I am so sorry, schoolwork and personal life hit me like a train in March and I completely neglected this blog. I feel dumb because writing this blog is such a wonderful outlet for me and instead of abandoning it I should have kept writing to de-stress. BUT, I am here and I am here to stay. Forgive me?

Finally (at least for me), summer has come at last. Time for late nights, cute boys, tans, and lots of fun. Ok, that was so cheesy ew. Ugh. I love summer, I really do, but sometimes the whole romanticized idea makes me sick. My summer is going to be tons of fun, but also will consist of a full-time job, being very single, and Texas heat which can get up to 100+ degrees. I can’t wait to get a tan, but I also know being outside in the sun also leads to sweat and oily skin. I’d like to present you with some tips and ideas to optimize comfort and style this summer.

*Note: This isn’t necessarily a “spring trends” list, it’s more of just stuff I’m diggin’ right now, ‘chya feel?*


1. Hats

Ok this is soooo broad of a category but summer hats are so fun. Floppy hats, fedoras, baseball caps…the possibilities are relatively endless. I’m a little late on the wide-brimmed Indiana Jones hats trend, but I have been so in love lately. I feel like people see them as more fall/winter hats but I say heck no. They are all season hats. Totally wearable in any weather. They’re great for sun protection too.

I love the idea of an expensive nice hats, but some of these are like all wool and upwards of 50 bucks. Uh no thanks. I went to Forever 21 and found tons of these hats ranging from 10-20 dollars. I’ve had 2 from F21 for around 6 months and wear them a few times a week and they’re both in great shape. Always remember that you don’t have to splurge!

I also wear a lot of baseball caps and mostly turned backwards. They just add a little bit of fun to any casual outfit. For me, they’re not super practical since the sun protection doesn’t exactly work when its backwards BUT they’re cute.


Shameless plug: You can find this pictures and other fun stuff on my Instagram– elizaparker_

2. Clubmaster Sunglasses

I am obsessed with my Ray-Ban Clubmasters. I wear them every single day. They are perfect with a glam outfit and perfect with a casual outfit. JFK wore them. Malcom X wore them. James Dean wore them. Need I say more? Ray-Bans are very expensive but they have tons of cool options if you’re willing to splurge. Here are some cheaper versions:

Forever 21: $7.90


Asos: $18 (LOVE THESE!!)



Clubmasters! Hats! Beach!

3. Flowy Shorts

I’ve been going through this transitionary stage in my life where I really wear two pairs of jean shorts and the rest are flowy. I’m obsessed. They’re breezy and so lightweight and just easy to slip on. They don’t get all wedged up where they shouldn’t and I never worry if my butt is showing all the time. I’m such a fan.


You cant find any of these in store anymore except the top right, just thought i’d show for inspiration!


4. Stripes

I AM SO INTO STRIPES RIGHT NOW. I wear so many stripes. There’s nothing practical about them in summertime but they’re so cute. Vertically, horizontally, diagonally, whatever. I pair a striped top with solid color or floral bottoms. Don’t be afraid to mix prints! Just know the rules. Mix big prints with small prints, not big and big or small and small. Make sure they have a similar color palette.


Stripes! Hats! Friends!


American Eagle Cross Strap Tank Dress: $39


ASOS Monki Stripe Racer Short: $27


American Apparel Striped T-Shirt Romper: some styles $27, some $54



1. Bite Beauty’s High Pigment Lip Pencils in Sable and Rhubarb-$24

I bought myself these lip pencils in a gift set after the holidays (because they’re cheap!) and I fell in love. They came with two other colors, a lovely red and fushia, but Rhubarb and Sable are perfect for summer. I definitely stick to pinks, nudes, and roses in the summer and leave reds and berry’s for winter as many people do. Sable is such a perfect pinky-nude, and Rhubarb is a dusty rose and gorgeous. For me its a “my lips but better” as they say. These two are perrrfect. They’re not super long lasting, so just be sure to have it on hand to reapply if necessary.


These are mine, Rhubarb in front, Sable in back. They’re mini versions. 


2. Buberry Brit Sheer-$25-90 depending on size

I love this scent for summer. It’s floral and fruity, and smells so crisp and clean. It’s a light scent, but so wonderful. One to two sprays will linger for a while. I definitely recommend going to Nordstrom Rack or possibly T.J Maxx/Ross/Marshalls because they typically have this scent discounted. I believe I got my 1.7 oz for $35 instead of $70!


3. Coconut Oil

I love coconut oil. I use it on my body, hair, and I even drink it. Let me explain the uses a little more in depth.

Body: Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer. I use it at night because its pretty thick, or I put it in my baths for added moisture. My skin feels so soft after using it. I would recommend taking extra precaution using it on your face. I found that I broke out when I used it on my face, but for others it works totally fine. I saw somewhere that people who struggle with cystic acne shouldn’t use it on your face. I would suggest testing it on a small patch on your face to see how your body responds.

Hair: I have naturally wavy/curly/frizzy/uncontrollable hair. I struggle so much with figuring out what works, and after testing hundreds of products I have found that simply putting a tiny bit of coconut oil is the best for my hair. It moisturizes it and doesn’t weigh it down. However, a little goes a looooong way. Seriously. Use a tiny bit or your hair will look super greasy.

Drinking: I put coconut oil in my smoothies and coffee. You definitely can’t taste it in smoothies, but it does add a little coconut flavor to coffee which I love. Much like coffee, coconut oil is a natural diuretic (IT HELPS YOU POOP) and since I suffer from a gastrointestinal disease it is helpful to get everything moving. I haven’t found this, but Jenna Marbles says she swears by a tablespoon of it to help lose weight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

4. Clean and Clear Advantage Line-Prices vary

My skin gets so oily and clogged and gross during the summer and I need an extra strong cleanser to get all that grit out. I use three of the Advantage line products by Clean and Clear and I totally swear by them. I use this 3-in-1 exfoliating cleanser daily. It’s gentle enough for everyday use but definitely cleans your skin up.


Then I follow up with the acne control moisturizer. I really don’t need a moisturizer in the summer, but this one is very lightweight and is geared more toward acne control than dry skin. it absorbs quickly and doesn’t make your face feel sticky and gross.


If I have trouble spots, I use the spot treatment and I definitely see it work quickly. I also will use tee tree oil and sometimes toothpaste on really bad pimples because google it, it helps!


Hope this was helpful for some. I hope you all have fantastic, stylish summers and keep an eye out for my upcoming posts! I’ll be heading to Bonnaroo in early June so I’ll definitely do a full recap on that.

Song of the day: Nervous-Gavin James




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