What’s In My Backpack

Sorry for being MIA! My internet has been down in my dorm where I write my posts and any time I have had internet I’ve been in class or without my computer. I could have gone to the library but I am far too lazy to make the 20 minute walk over there to upload a post. Anyway, I am back.

I used to be extremely anti-backpck. All through middle and high school I carried tote bags with my school stuff because I thought they were more chic than backpacks. However in college I realized that I must sacrifice some elements of chicness for utility’s sake and I caved and got a backpack. Its been great because it carries more than my totes did, and I don’t get shoulder pain. The one drawback is that there are certain outfits I cant really wear because of the backpack. For example, I got this super awesome faux-fur vest, but it just looks pathetic under the straps of a backpack. I may go back to a tote bag eventually, but for now I’m sticking with a backpack. Here is what I keep inside on a daily basis.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.03.42 AM

1. I have absolutely no idea where this backpack is from. About 3 days before I left for school I realized I needed a backpack and didn’t have time to ship one and hated all the ones in the stores. My ex-boyfriend got a new one and said I could have his old one so I took it. It’s Element brand and not beautiful but it gets the job done. I don’t exactly love that it’s his but I am too cheap to go buy a new one and it’s not like any fond memories circulated around this backpack. Ha.

2. Here are all my notebooks, folders, and my planner. I would love to have really cute decorated school supplies but again I am far too cheap and plan on DIY-ing the covers of all of these at some point. A planner is necessary at least in college to keep your life in order. I learned this the hard way first semester so I use the crap out of mine now.

3. I made this pencil case in an 8th grade sewing class and countless writing utensils and one broken zipper later, this thing is still trucking. I plan on using it through college so I will have used it for 9+ years. Some of my necessities are black Sharpie pens, black and multicolored Sharpies, a Staedtler eraser, a high-tech mechanical pencil I stole from my 11th grade English teacher, and Pilot pens. I went to a highly art-based school for middle and high school so I have a thing for pens and pencils. Going into art stores and looking at the pens gets me really excited. Anyone else?

4. A girl’s gotta snack. These Go Raw spirulina chips look kinda like green poop but they taste like bananas and are super healthy. They’re also expensive but vegan and gluten free. I also like to bring NuGo bars, clementines, and Mott’s Berry Gummies. I never leave the dorm without snacks because no one likes to be in class with their stomach growling loudly.


These are the BEST bars in the world. This picture also just made me see there is a peanut butter cup flavor and I am very excited now because I’ve never seen it in stores. 

5.I’m clustering these items because they’re self-explanatory. My glasses and sunglasses which are both Ray-Ban and my headphones and gum.

6. My beauty products are a tin of hairbands and bobby pins. Then I have my Dot by Marc Jacobs rollerball perfume. Rollerball perfumes are great for putting in your backpack because they don’t leak and are small enough to not be a hassle. This one smells lovely as well.

7. My water bottle which is featured in my last post. It’s super important to stay hydrated especially during college when sometimes we forget to drink! Ill also sometimes bring a travel mug or tumbler with hot or iced tea.

8.I bring my wallet with me and notable things I keep in there are my Starbucks gold card (am I a white girl yet?), my ID, my student ID, and my debit card.

9. I bring my Macbook Air to class only if I need it. I really like to take my notes in notebooks because I get way too distracted on my computer with internet access in my classes. I only bring my computer if I have instructions to bring it for a class, or am going to the library to study.

10. I always bring a sweater to class even on the hottest days because the temperatures in the classrooms are extremely unpredictable.

I hope this was helpful for my ladies out there in school or even those who aren’t! I love seeing peoples bag or backpack essentials because they make me realize what I should be bringing with me.

Song of the Day: American Daydream-Electric Guest


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