How To Take A Perfect SELFIE!!!!!!!!!

I hated myself as I posted that title and am hoping readers understand the satirical nature of the capitalization and excess of exclamation points.

I thought if I’m going to start blogging about beauty and fashion and stuff I might as well perfect the art of the selfie. Turns out it’s really not my forte. First I downloaded a photo timer app on my phone and tried to take a few full body ones and that just failed and made me feel weird. I then went for the standard front camera face shot and realized that I have zero selfie skills and felt overall very strange about the whole process. I documented it here for your enjoyment.

Step one: Try and look sexy or sultry or some form of attractive (?)IMG_3440

Step Two: Realize you can’t do that and opt for a goofy face of sorts


Step Three: Start feeling angry and uncomfortable about this whole process


Step Four: Give up.


So there ends me trying to learn how to take the “perfect selfie.” I learned something about myself, though. I really like the pictures where I look the least “attractive” and funny. Maybe it comes with the personality type, because I have a difficult time taking myself seriously. I ended up picking this one for a possible Instagram post:IMG_3452

I am attempting to throw the peace sign but look like I am stabbing my eye. And you know what? I really freakin’ like it. Maybe no one will ever look at a selfie I take and say “damn she looks super sexy/cute.” But who the heck cares…? This is who I am and I feel rad and if someone’s going to judge me by a simple photo of my face then they can kindly exit my life. Love yoself pretty ladies, selfiegenic or not!

Shoutout to my best friend for telling me to post about this because a simple photo session has been way more empowering than I thought. ❤

Song of the Day: Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club


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