A Beautiful Tuesday

Central Texas has been quite chilly this past month or so, and these past few warm days made for a lovely break from wearing big coats and scarves. When I saw the high would be 80 degrees (?!?) I decided to bust out a black and white romper I bought from Forever 21 a few weeks ago and show my legs some much needed sunshine. I paired it with simple black chunky heel boots from Nordstrom Rack. I then added a black bralette underneath because the top of the romper has an unruly v-neck which is a little too low for my taste. I put MAC’s Ruby Woo on my lips and wore mismatching striped neon socks because no one could see them under my boots so why not? I initially had my day 2 curled hair half up/half down, but then settled on a ponytail at the end. You can see the indecisive hairstyles below.


Romper-Forever 21-$24.90


Boots-Nordstrom Rack-~$30? Not quite sure but I got them about a year ago so they’re no longer available but I found some lookalikes:

http://www.lulus.com/products/heydays-black-suede-ankle-boots/180882.html (most similar)


Bralette-American Eagle-Mine was on sale for $10 and is no longer in stock. Here are some similar ones:



I’m not a big jewelry person. I wear the occasional watch or statement necklace, but I really only add jewelry when I feel like it would complete the outfit. My ears have trouble getting infected with earrings so I’ve stopped wearing them. Other than that I have a hoop in my nose which I think is so flattering on anyone and is the perfect minimal accessory,

Some people ask me why I “try so hard” in college. Many of my schoolmates wear sweats and t-shirts or leggings every day and more power to them! I even do that some days! There’s so nothing wrong with wanting to be super comfortable and not really care what anyone thinks because you’re comfy, dammit. For me though, I thoroughly enjoy putting an outfit together and doing my hair and makeup. I feel so pretty and confident when I’m dressed the way I dress. I stick out like a sore thumb at my school, that’s for sure, but my clothing is an expression of myself so I put in the extra time to add lipstick or curl my hair and if anyone thinks that’s dumb they can kindly not associate with me. People seem to think that looking “put together” is synonymous with spending lots of extra time getting ready or sacrificing comfort. I typically take 30 minutes to get ready, including eating breakfast. I curled my hair and picked out my outfit the night before. All I did was touch up the curls, do my quick daily makeup, and throw on my clothes and I was done. I was also super comfortable! I’m not one to buy or wear anything that makes me want to take it off the second I put it on. I will never sacrifice style for comfort and I think people always assume you have to be uncomfortable to look good. Soooo not true! I even prefer jeans over leggings. Is that just me? I dunno…I’m weird.

Song of the Day: Coffee by Sylvan Esso



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